Threat (0 is low, 10 is high): 7
Effects: Trojan.Zlob trojan horse.
Status: 'mssearchnet.exe' is not critical.
Path: mssearchnet.exe

mssearchnet.exe is an instance of the dangerous Trojan.Zlob Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horses are a form of malicious program which can do a range of dangerous things to your computer, from delete critical files to log keystrokes (incl. credit card numbers and passwords) and steal your identity.

All the stories you hear on TV and from family and friends regarding identity theft are true: people who use computers do get their identity stolen, and it is because software like this. If you are not protecting your computer from such software, you are almost guarenteed to be infected.

WinTasks is a program designed specifically for protection against Trojan Horses such as mssearchnet.exe, allowing you to block, remove and scan for such dangerous executables.

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