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"; ?> Threat (0 is low, 10 is high): 7
Effects: Shows advertisments, downloads executables and executes them.
Virus Name: Adware.binet
Status: 'belt.exe' is not critical.
Path: belt.exe

Belt.exe is an instance of the adware application 'Adware.binet' [BetterInternet] which binds it self as a browser helper object to Internet Explorer, shows advertisments, and downloads and runs executables without your permission. This application could potentially do anything to your system, due to the ability to run applications, however, it appears it is only used to install more adware, and update previous installations. Suggested steps to prevent browser helper objects, and help you control them better, is to update to Windows XP SP2, which updates iexplore.exe to have more control over what runs in your browser.


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