Threat (0 is low, 10 is high): 6
Effects: Shows advertisements.
Virus Name: iSearch Toolbar
Status: 'ffisearch.exe' is not critical.
Path: ffisearch.exe

ffiSearch.exe is part of the browser helper object "iSearch Toolbar" which is installed from an Active X popup window. iSearch claims they do no malicious installation, and in an email to one of the major anti-spyware sites they said "Our recommendation to surfers who do not wish to have items such as the iSearch toolbar installed is two-fold:

1) Read the prompts you are provided with. If a user is provided with a "Would you like to install the iSearch Toolbar" prompt and they click "Yes" without reading the details of the product or learning about the publisher as listed in the digital signature, the user is making an unwise choice and has little room to complain about the product they have chosen to install.

2) If you are certain that you never want to install Active-X controls and software that is delivered via Active-X, disable the Active-X technology by setting your browser security to "High".
" iSearch.com has published an automated removal tool.


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