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"; ?> Threat (0 is low, 10 is high): 9
Effects: Advertisments, privacy invasion, difficult to remove.
Virus Name: SVAPlayer|Adware.180Solutions|MetricsDirect
Status: 'jkill.exe' is not critical.
Path: jkill.exe

jkill.exe is an instance of the 180 Search Assistant adware/malware, one of the most difficult of all the popular adware applications to remove. From our experience, 180 Search frequently does an 'on-the-fly' installation attack on Internet Explorer browsers, exploiting various security holes in the browser. 180 Search also 'phones home' with your web-history, and shows advertisments. Some variants of 180 Search can be removed using regular spyware removal techniques, however, some are substantially more difficult with 'friend processes' running to restart the other if it is ended.


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