Threat (0 is low, 10 is high): 9
Effects: Keylogger, deletes PWLs.
Virus Name: Optix.Pro|W32.Sasser
Status: 'isass.exe' is not critical.
Path: isass.exe

isass.exe is a very dangerous application called the Sasser worm which logs every key you press while using your computer. This includes sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers and private information which may lead to identity theft.

All the stories you hear on TV and from family and friends regarding identity theft are true: people who use computers do get their identity stolen, and it is because software like this. If you are not protecting your computer from such software, you are almost guaranteed to be infected.

Don't worry! You can remove it. This program called RegistryBooster will assist you in removing errors and security risks, and can help you scan your computer to see if other such dangerous applications are installed. If you are worried about your privacy and security on the Internet, Xoftspy will ensure you are protected. Since adding EXE scanning and blocking software such as RegistryBooster and Xoftspy to our computers, exeLibrary.com's employees have never been infected with any dangerous viruses or keyloggers!

Our partnership with both of these companies is limited, when our partnership expires, rates return to their usual incredibly high rate, however - if you buy today, we guarantee you we will ensure you get the lowest rate that can possibly be achieved. Other such products exist, but we've found RegistryBooster to be the best error eliminating application on the Internet, both in terms of functionality and in wonderful support; a big thumbs up to the team at RegistryBooster/Uniblue!

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