What is exeLib? exeLib is the fastest growing, most accurate, database of executable programs. Each program is stored in the database with some information: the file name, description, the effects, the risk factor, and a few other pieces of information, this information is then displayed to you in a readable, easy to use fashion.

Why do you need exeLib? Well, the most common usage is to check what's running on your computer. By checking your task manager, then looking up executables on here, you can find information about each process on your computer, then, work on figuring out which you need, which you don't need, and which you really don't want on the computer - then remove them.

What if an executable isn't in the database? That problem isn't quite as common as you may think, our database is consistantly being added to, and updated by experts in the networking and computer science fields and the majority of really common executables are already in there. Some of the rarer stuff is not in the database yet, but, as said before, our database is growing at a rapid rate.

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